Capaldi claims BBC is 'not looking after' Doctor Who

Capaldi claims BBC is 'not looking after' Doctor Who

Doctor Who star Peter Capaldi has claimed that the BBC is "not looking after" the hugely popular sci-fi show.

In recent years, Doctor Who has been shifted between autumn and spring schedules as well as alternating between split series. In 2016 it won't be on until its Christmas special.

The current Time Lord has noticed these dramatic shifts, believes it doesn't help the show, and now he's appealing to the BBC to take a more active role in order to secure Doctor Who's future.

"The BBC is an incredible organisation, but . . . sometimes people there think, 'That's looking after itself'. And it's not being looked after," Capaldi told Newsweek.

"I think maybe their eye was taken off the ball, or the show was seen as a thing they could just push around. It's not. It's a special thing."

The Scottish actor, a lifelong fan of Doctor Who, has been looking at the programme's fluctuating ratings in recent times, and he's not impressed.

And now he's insisting that the long-running show must remain "protected" by the BBC because it provides valuable family viewing.

"I have to pay attention to ratings - I'd rather not - but it's the way the business is," he said. "I think overnight ratings are a thing of the past.

"You can't really measure the success of the show by its overnight ratings, which is what the papers do. But there's still a place for families to sit down and watch the show - that's still a great, fun thing to do.

"That's what the show's success has been based on. That has to be protected."

Capaldi's criticism of the BBC comes days after he revealed that he's been invited to stay on as the Doctor once new showrunner Chris Chibnall takes over from Steven Moffat in 2018.

"To be perfectly honest, it's so far away in the future," he said. "You know, Doctor Who is a very difficult thing to say goodbye to - and I don't want to make that decision right now."

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  • Chris Daly
Comments 7
  • Barry C McQuade
    Barry C McQuade

    Mr Capaldi is SO RIGHT. To think as the quality of the acting on the show has increased steadily over the years—by all the actors—makes it especially important for the BBC to PAY ATTENTION to the show, especially after the windfall they must be receiving after selling it to North America (both Canada and the USA) and I believe the EU and Who Knows where else. Not counting the merchandise that North Americans buy, which must be especially lucrative. The Doctor and his crew are more than pulling their weight for the BBC—why isn’t the Beeb doing it for them?

  • Lori Anne McBride
    Lori Anne McBride

    I applaud you, Mr. Capaldi. Not many people would take the initiative to get the higher ups attention as you did. I’ve been watching Doctor Who since Tom Baker was on it. I love the show as well as my daughters and son-in-law. I actually made a TARDIS cake with the 9th Doctor and the War time Doctor as the cake toppers for my eldest daughter’s wedding. But I digress. Thank you for taking a stand and saving a beloved, long-lasting, family show. God bless you. With love from Pennsylvania, USA, Lori Anne

  • edwardhochman

    Dr Who was never free. pbs stations had to pay money big money to get it. to raise money they do pledge drives, and auctions. people complained about breaks for the pledges interrupting the show.. govt started to reduce their support of public tv.

  • Judith Taylor
    Judith Taylor

    God for you Mr. Capladi. You are the new Doctor and I love you in the role. it’s awesome your standing up for one of Britain’s best loved shows and I, being an American love Doctor Who too! Please don’t leave.

  • Crystal Webster
    Crystal Webster

    I am a long time Doctor Who fan, and proud to say the mother of a fan as well. When I heard that Doctor Who was being revived I was extatatic, till I discovered that I, stuck in the US, would be forced to wait, along with so many other countries, an unspecified time before I could see them. So I did what I know thousands (probably a lot more than that) of forsaken fans did; we stole away to youtube, praying that one day we would be included in an honest airing instead of scrambling for scraps before the higher-ups deleted the pirated shows. As much as I am disappointed in the BBC’s lack of consideration to Doctor Who fans, I can forgive them for not realizing how much of a following there is, especially abroad. That should no longer be a question for them. Not only are there Doctor Who toys, there are clothes, poasters, fan fiction, games, VIDEO games, apps…. the world LOVEs Doctor Who! If the BBC is so blind as to not see is value, than please, give it to us. We will make the Doctor (Mr.Capaldi et al) quite at home. :)

  • Penny

    What ticks me off as well, is Netflix and others who used to stream Dr.Who to America has dropped the programming. I agree with Mr. Capaldi, Dr. Who is not being looked after, respected or valued. It deserves better. I was shocked when I found that there would be no season in 2016, just a Christmas special. What’s with that? Dr. Who is an institution in and of itself. It is the longest running series in history. Dr. Who deserves better than this.

  • Cheryl

    The BBC deliberately limits Doctor Who in America by only showing it on high end cable. It used to appear on ALL the local PBS stations for free

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