Does the twelfth doctor's sonic screwdriver have a 'Red Setting'?

Does the twelfth doctor's sonic screwdriver have a 'Red Setting'?

It’s always the same when you get a new gadget, you immediately want to press all the buttons and try all the settings – but one setting we might have missed when the TARDIS threw a new Sonic at Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor is the fabled ‘red setting’.

Taking a gander at the original production designs via the Doctor Whopage via the Radio Times – complete with colour swabs and buttons and, ooh! What’s this? Two red bars at the top? Could they be the much-heralded (Er…mentioned once) red setting?


We first came across a Sonic with this setting in Forest of the Dead when River Song was able to use it on her Sonic (given to her by a future Doctor or perhaps this Doctor at, say, Christmas? Inside a present wrapped in yellow paper as seen in some of the publicity photos) to prevent interference from the sentient computer Doctor Moon. In Series Seven, episode Cold War, meanwhile, the diode at the tip of the Eleventh Doctor’s Sonic glowed red when he threatened to blow up the submarine.

So while it’s not exactly clear what this ‘red setting’ does (I mean, the Sonic seems to work just fine without it most of the time…except when faced with a bit wood) but it’ll be interesting to see what it could mean, if anything.

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  • Chris Daly
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