Top 9 Deleted Doctor Who Scenes You Must Watch!

Top 9 Deleted Doctor Who Scenes You Must Watch!

One of the main advantages of getting ahold of a complete DVD or Blu-Ray is that you finally get to see footage missing in the final cut.

DVDs and Blu-Rays are basically extra supply available on payment. Plenty of previously unseen footage has been recovered from amongst remnants of post-production. More often than not the scenes were cut due to per episode time restrains.

Same is the case with Doctor Who. A case in point would be the River Song, which never saw the light of the day. It was included in the first Series 6 teaser trailer but never actually materialized. There are still more such scenes out there and we are delighted to have more of Doctor Who.

Some will evoke laughter, some will just confuse and the rest will break your heart. Scroll down to view 10 Doctor Who scenes deleted from the episodes.

See them here...

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  • Chris Daly
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